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Chatham County, GA Public Records

Chatham County public records encompass a wide range of written documents, maps, books, tapes, photographs, and electronic information created, received, or maintained by state or local government agencies. Divorce records for Chatham County can be obtained from the State Office of Vital Records and the Chatham County Clerk of Superior Court. The State Office of Vital Records can provide records of divorces that occurred in the county from June 1952 to August 1996. For divorce records before 1952 and after 1996, individuals should contact the Chatham County Clerk of Superior Court. On the other hand, marriage records are available from two sources: the Probate Court and the State Office of Vital Records, Georgia Department of Public Health. The Vital Record Office can only provide copies of marriage records from June 1952 to August 1996. The Chatham County Probate Court can issue copies before and after these dates for a fee of $10 for each certified copy of a marriage certificate. As for birth and death certificates, individuals can obtain them from both the State Office of Vital Records and the local Vital Records Office in Chatham County. Birth records from January 1919 can be obtained at $25 per copy. Chatham County property records are at the Chatham County Board of Assessors office.

Courts in Chatham County

Court Records in Chatham County, Georgia

Chatham County court records are public. Requesters can access the records of the Superior, State, Magistrate, Probate, and Recorders Courts through the Smart Search tool on the Chatham County Court System website. The tool enables users to search using the record number or subject name. As a registered user, you can purchase court records, excluding those of the Probate Court, for a fee. The fees are payable directly to the Clerk of the Court holding the record. Interested individuals can access these records through public access terminals within the Clerk's office at the Chatham County Courthouse. However, individuals must visit the Clerk of the Court's office in person for Municipal and Probate Court records. Requesters can utilize the Sex Offender Search Page on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) website to access the statewide database of registered sex offenders, as mandated by state law.

Court Name:
133 Montgomery St.
100 Southwest Highway 80
100 Central Avenue
Garden City

Jails and Prisons in Chatham County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Chatham County, Georgia

Chatham County Inmate records are considered public. These records hold pertinent details regarding individuals who have been convicted and are currently in custody. Search results yield inmate details encompassing the inmate's name, age, gender, and mugshot. Similarly, sentencing information comprises the nature of the offense, custody status, registration number, and present and previous locations. Requesters can obtain information about inmates by accessing the jail search page of the facility's official website. Chatham County Sheriff runs the Chatham County Detention Center. Requesters must contact Chatham County Detention Center officials in advance to access an inmate. Inmates are allowed to receive visitors during the weekdays and weekends. Chatham County has 6 Jails & Prisons to cater to a population of 285,506 individuals across 429 square miles. The county ranks 137th out of 159 in terms of Jails & Prisons per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Chatham County

Arrest Records in Chatham County, Georgia

Chatham County arrest records are public records per the Georgia Open Records Act. Chatham County arrest records are maintained by different local law enforcement agencies. These records are used to track the arrests of arrested individuals within their local jurisdiction. Arrest records in Chatham County contain information about the arrested person, including their name, age, address, and the reason for their arrest. They may also include details about the arrest, such as the date and time, location, and the arresting officer's name. The Court may seal or expunge certain documents, making them inaccessible to the public. Chatham County in North Carolina has a total of six Police Departments. The crime rate in this county stands at 53.93 per 1,000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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