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Georgia Public Records

The Georgia Code Ann. § 50-18-70(a) defines public records as all generated information and data, including documents, papers, books, letters, tapes, maps, photographs, and other computer-based data prepared, maintained, or received by any public or private agency for government use.

How to Find Georgia Public Records

Under the Georgia Open Records Act, any citizen can ask to inspect and copy any public record unless exempted by law. The Office of the Attorney General encourages requesters to submit a request either in writing or orally to obtain a public record from the specific government agency that has custody of the public record. However, private sources can also provide access when the records are available.

Are Georgia Public Records Available Online?

Georgia public records are available online, except for those exempt by the law. The state agencies’ have available websites where you can look for information. Otherwise, you may visit the agency body in-person for a record request.

What Records are Not Available in Georgia?

All records held by public agencies in Georgia are available for inspection and copy to the public. These include records maintained by every board, authority, commission, agency, bureau, and department in the state. However, some records may be specifically exempted from disclosure under Georgia law like personal or financial information of government employees.

Types of Public Records Available in Georgia

These are the public records that you can access in Georgia:

Georgia Public Criminal Records

All records held by public agencies in Georgia are available for inspection and copy to the public. These include records maintained by every board, authority, commission, agency, bureau. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is the primary body responsible for criminal history inquiries in the state. In Georgia, public criminal records include a person’s arrest data, including the filed charges and dates, final judicial disposition, and other criminal information. The only information exempt from criminal records are juvenile arrest records. 

However, there is no online platform where you can do a quick criminal record search in Georgia. Instead, you may find the information you need from a local law enforcement agency like the police department or the sheriff. You may also mail your request to GBI and pay the corresponding fees

You may also lookup public criminal records available from the state’s court records.

Police Departments and Sheriffe Office in Georgia :

Fulton County Sheriff's Office185 Central Ave SW, Atlanta, GA
Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office2900 University Parkway, Lawrenceville, GA
DeKalb County Sheriff's Office4415 Memorial Dr, Decatur, GA
Cobb County Sheriff's Office185 Roswell St NE, Marietta, GA
Chatham County Sheriff's Office1050 Carl Griffin Dr, Savannah, GA
Clayton County Sheriff's Office9157 Tara Boulevard, Jonesboro, GA
Cherokee County Sheriff's Office498 Chattin Drive, Canton, GA
Henry County Sheriff's Office120 Henry Pkwy, McDonough, GA
Richmond County Sheriff's Office400 Walton Way, Augusta, GA
Muscogee County Sheriff's Office100 E 10th St #4, Columbus, GA

Arrest Records and Warrants

The best way to search for arrest records and active warrants in Georgia is by contacting the local sheriff’s office or using the eAccess portal of the state court.

Inmate and Jail Records

The Georgia Department of Corrections has an online query tool where you can find inmate records. If available, you will automatically see a display of inmate photographs for better identification. You can search for inmate and jail information in Georgia using the following:


  • Name
  • Description based on gender, race, or age
  • Inmate ID
  • Case number

Jails and Prisons in Georgia :

Atlanta Transitional Center332 PONCE DE LEON AVE. NE, ATLANTA, GA
Fulton County Jail901 RICE STREET NW, ATLANTA, GA
Southeast RO 3800 CAMP CRK PK SW/BDG 2000, ATLANTA, GA
Roswell County Detention Center39 Hill Street, Roswell, GA
Phillips Transitional Center2989 WEST ROCK QUARRY ROAD, BUFORD, GA
Phillips State Prison2989 WEST ROCK QUARRY ROAD, BUFORD, GA

Georgia Background Checks

The state’s Department of Community Health has the Georgia Criminal Background Check System (GCHEXS), which requires employers and applicants to have a criminal background check that includes state and FBI fingerprint checks.

You may process a background check by logging in to GCHEXS. Note that you can only submit one background check at a time using one account. 

How to Find Sex Offenders in Florida

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has a sex offender registry online where you can find information on the state’s most violent sexual offenders. You can search an offender by the type of offense, by name, by county, or other information like gender, race, city, zip code, or miles from your address. 

Florida Public Vital Records 

The Department of Public Health is the main repository of public vital records in Georgia. You may request a vital record through walk-in services on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. You may also request a copy of a vital record by mail or order online. 

There are three ways to order your public vital records online:

ROVER is the official online ordering tool of the state by the Georgia Technology Authority. However, you can only order birth and death certificates and wait for at least four to six weeks for your orders before shipping. 

Take note of the following fees: 

  • Search fee - $25.00 per search
  • Processing fee - $8.00
  • Additional copies - $5.00 per page
  • Expedited processing - $10.00 with record orders shipped immediately after five business days

VitalChek is the fastest way to order any public vital record in Georgia, like a birth, death, marriage, or divorce. Just complete the information asked on the order form, pay the necessary fees, and wait for the documents to be delivered to your address.

GO Certificates is another third-party site that allows you to order birth and death certificates and a Name Change Kit if you just got married. The site also contains information on acceptable identification requirements.

The Department of Public Health Office of Vital Records can confirm marriages and divorces. Still, certified copies of such vital records are only available at the state’s clerk of the superior court where the marriage or divorce was finalized. 

Georgia Court Records 

You can access Georgia court records online by county and get access to civil and criminal court cases. If the records you are looking for are sealed like juvenile records for example, you need to submit a request at the courthouse where the case was heard or make a record request in person.

State Court System in Georgia

Georgia’s state court system comprises two appellate courts: the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The rest of the six courts are classified as trial courts, including the superior courts, municipal courts, state courts, probate courts, juvenile courts, and magistrate courts.

Courts in Georgia :

Roswell Municipal Court38 Hill Street, Roswell, GA
Mountain Park Municipal Court118 Lakeshore Drive, Mountain Park, GA
College Park Municipal Court3667 Main St., College Park, GA
Fairburn Municipal Court26 W Campbellton Street, Fairburn, GA
Union City Municipal Court5060 Union Street, Union City, GA
East Point Municipal Court2727 E Point Street, East Point, GA
Alpharetta Municipal Court13690 Highway 9, Milton, GA
Johns Creek Municipal Court11360 Lakefield Drive, Johns Creek, GA
Supreme Court of Georgia330 Capitol Ave. S.E., Atlanta, GA
Court of Appeals Georgia330 Capitol Ave. S.E., Atlanta, GA

Driving Records

The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) is the central repository of driving records in the state. There are different ways how you can request a driving record in Georgia.

  1. DDS 2 GO mobile app
  2. Online
  3. By mail or in-person using a request form

Take note that you can get a non-certified driving record history that is only available for viewing and printing but not for download for online services. If you want to obtain a certified copy of your driving records, you will have to submit your request and also pay the following fees:

  • 3-year driving records - $6.00
  • 7-year driving records - $8.00
  • Lifetime driving records - $8.00

Civil Driving Infractions

In Georgia, civil driving infractions can be considered misdemeanors and require paying a fine or contesting the ticket in the state’s traffic court. 

The most common type of driving violations in Georgia include:

  • Speeding
  • Aggressive or reckless driving
  • Running a red light or a stop sign
  • Driving without an insurance
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Violating school bus laws
  • Violating super speeding laws

Violating speeding laws can generate points between 2 to 6 and accumulating 15 points or more within two years can result in license suspension. 

Georgia License Plate Lookup

The Georgia Motor Vehicles has the e-Services where you can look up a license plate by proving information on the following:

  • License plate
  • VIN
  • Driver’s license
  • Letter ID

Georgia Property and Asset Records Online 

The Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) has an online tool to help you find property records by county. Property records are managed by the registry of deed offices which are also organized on a county level. 

Georgia Unclaimed Property and Assets

Searching for clerks of the superior court and claiming unclaimed property and assets in Georgia is free. Unclaimed properties come in overpayments, security deposits, uncashed checks, and other similar assets. 

Important Government Agencies in Georgia

The government agencies listed below will help you find public records in Georgia

  1. Secretary of State
  2. Governor’s Office
  3. Legislative Office
  4. Office of the Attorney General
  5. Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  6. Department of Corrections
  7. Department of Community Health
  8. Georgia Criminal Background Check System
  9. Department of Public Health
  10. Georgia Technology Authority
  11. Clerk of the Superior Court 
  12. Department of Driver Services
  13. Department of Revenue

Counties in Georgia

Other Records in Georgia