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Paulding County, GA Public Records

Paulding County Public Record contains data generated and maintained by various entities, both public and public-private, as defined by the Open Records Act. These may be accessed by all parties provided there are no legal exemptions. Vital records include births, marriages, deaths and divorces. To access Paulding County divorce records, visit the Paulding County Clerk of Superior Court or search online through the Municipal Court's portal or the GDPH's State Office of Vital Records. Certified copies of divorce verification records from the State Office of Vital Records go for a fee of $10 and an additional $10 if requesters need more copies. Residents can also access birth, marriage, and death records through the Paulding County Probate Court. Interested individuals can access certified copies of marriage records at $10 and non-certified copies at $1 each. The Vital Records Office charges $25 for the first copy of a birth record, with additional copies priced at $5 each. Access to death records from the Paulding County Probate Court is limited to eligible requesters only. The county's property records can be accessed through the Board of Assessors website.

Courts in Paulding County

Court Records in Paulding County, Georgia

Paulding County court records are available to all interested parties, provided there are no restrictions. The county court falls under the purview of the freedom information act and includes court documents, such as court decisions, orders, trial transcripts, docket information, and any other documents related to court proceedings. Requesters can access Paulding County civil and criminal records through the Paulding County Clerk of the Superior Court. However, certain court records, such as proceedings related to hearings concerning child support or juvenile cases, are restricted. Also, residents can access court records online through the Paulding Municipal Court searchable platform. Interested individuals can also access sex offense records through a registry maintained by the Paulding County Sheriff's Office. This online registry is accessible to the public and enables requesters to conduct a search by street address, name, city, email address, internet name, or phone number.

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Jails and Prisons in Paulding County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Paulding County, Georgia

Paulding County inmate records are accessible to all interested parties as per the Public Records Act. Requesters can utilize an online offender lookup system to access information about inmates in the Paulding County Detention Centers. The lookup system enables requesters to search for inmates by name, age, or booking number. Also, the public can search for past and current inmates in the state's correctional facilities through the Georgia Department of Corrections online searchable system. The Paulding County jail operates under the Paulding County Sheriff's Office. The facility allows Inmates to receive only two off-site visits per week. Paulding County is home to three correctional facilities. These institutions cater to a population of 152,399 individuals within 313 square miles. In terms of per capita representation of correctional facilities, Paulding County is positioned at the 139th spot out of 159 counties in Georgia.

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Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Paulding County

Arrest Records in Paulding County, Georgia

Paulding County arrest records are accessible to any interested party, provided there are no legal exemptions. These records show the arrestee's data, when the arrest was made, the location of the arrest, the charge, bail info, and the arresting officer's identity. Residents can access Paulding County police reports and arrest records through the Records Division of the Sheriff's Office. The office accepts requests made through mail or in person. Criminal records are also available to eligible requesters via the sheriff’s office or the Georgia Department of Community Health. Some records are restricted and can only be availed to particular individuals such as law enforcement, legal representatives, and parties for the incident. These records may entail juveniles, abuse victims, child custody, or ongoing criminal investigations. Paulding County is home to six Police Departments and has a crime rate of 20.33 incidents per 1,000 residents.

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